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Dr. TJ Mick, ND, DAOM, LAc has been practicing in Huntsville since 2015, providing a variety of natural health and wellness services.  

He opened Monte Sano Healing Arts in Huntsville in 2017.  After experiencing family and close friends suffering for years from chronic diseases and with traditional treatment methods failing, Dr. Mick decided to research alternative methods of healing taking him all over the world including Asia, Europe and South America.


Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Dr. TJ Mick's Passion and Profession for Over  35 Years!

He studied for four years as an apprentice while completing a pre-med degree in health science and later, an additional ten years of graduate college, completing doctoral and master's degrees in acupuncture and classical Asian medicine and a doctoral degree in naturopathy (MSOM, DAOM, ND).  His professional clinical experience started in the late 1980's and his healing arts practice has taken him throughout the country and across four continents before opening his practice in Huntsville. He created Monte Sano Healing Arts in order to provide the the best evidence-based natural healthcare services in the Northeast Alabama region.   Each session begins with a thorough review of the patient's health history along with a traditional naturopathic and Traditional Asian Medicine assessment. Based on that review, our doctor of acupuncture and natural medicine determines the best treatments for each individual.

Call us now to schedule your session or to speak directly with Dr. Mick to answer any of your questions.

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