Qigong Movement Meditation Exercise in Mentone

Dr. Mick provides weekly group qigong gatherings at Brow Park in Mentone, AL most weekends throughout the year (free of charge). Call, text or message through the website for days and times of upcoming qigong gatherings. TJ Mick, DAOM, ND has been studying and practicing qigong for over 40 years and is a student of masters in Soaring Crane Qigong among other forms that he has taught around the world in over 26 different countries and at three acupuncture / Asian and naturopathic medicine colleges in the U.S. The regular practice of these exercises has enhanced his work as a healing arts practitioner over his 35 years in professional care of his patients Regular qigong practice supports overall well-being, self-healing, peace of mind and greater connection to the natural world.

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