Dr. Mick Provides Customized Personal Training Where PT Left Off.

TJ Mick, ND, DAOM, CPT has decades of experience training people of all levels of fitness. He brings 30+ years as a naturopathic doctor and personal trainer for professional and elite athletes to his practice and has tranformed his career to helping older adults get strong and

stay strong through smart functional movement exercise. Functional fitness routines that can be continued throughout life into older age help improve overall well-being and even boost the immune system. He is an advocate for exercise for older adults and it an essential part of a comprehensive anti-aging program that includes high quality nutrition, herbs, acupuncture and photobiomodulation therapies.

Chonicalogical age and biological age are two different things. A 75 year old can be more fit than a 40 year old. And many 40 year olds feel and function like many 75 year olds.

Learn Dr. Mick's secrets of anti-aging and make these secrets work for you to feel your best and age gracefully.

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