Photobiomodulation Therapy Explained

Photobiomodulation Therapy has many applications in promoting healing that are backed by extensive research. The video explains some of the research regarding how this therapy helps heal the brain, prevent disease, boost the immune system, relieve pain, heal injuries, anti-aging applications and so much more. Monte Sano Healing Arts is the regions leading clinic using various forms of photobiomodulation light therapy including laser acupuncture and the full body red light therapy bed. How does intranasal photobiomodulation work? The near-infrared light stimulates your mitochondria (your energy factories of your cells) in your neurons. The mitochondria in your neurons then increase enzymes,

Full Body Red Light Therapy at Monte Sano Healing Arts Provides Many Health Benefits

In addition to Dr. Mick's soft laser photobiomodulation treatments such as laser acupuncture, the clinic now has a full body red light therapy panel used as an add-on to any treatment. The added session with the red light therapy panel is between 10-15 minutes and can be used as a stand alone therapy or used in conjunction with other treatments provided by Dr. Mick (acupuncture / dry needling, laser therapy / laser acupuncture, manual therapy / bodywork, herbal / nutritional consultations).

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