Great Results For The Most Commonly Treated Conditions

Here are the conditions that people seek acupuncture for most commonly in our practice, all of which tend to get good results when received with the frequency recommended by your acupuncture doctor: Musculoskeletal pain conditions (neck, jaw/TMJ, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, finger/thumb, carpal tunnel, low back, sciatica, hip, knee, ankle, foot/plantar fasciatis, toe and more) – Acupuncture is a great treatment for all types of joint and muscle pains, whether it’s due to arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, autoimmune diseases or other conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, Baker’s cysts, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, etc. In particular, low back pain is probably the number one most frequently t

Acupuncture is Fantastic for Relieving Low Back Pain and Other Types of Pain

The Monte Sano Acupuncture & Herb clinic specializes in the treatment of various types of pain. From migraines to low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, joint pain, caner pain and more, acupuncture and related therapies provide an effective drug-free option for treating many types of pain. However, it is not only for symptomatic relief since acupuncture helps to promote healing to address the underlying cause of the pain in many cases.

Acupuncture Works Wonders for Bell's Palsy - Facial Paralysis

Acupuncture is the #1 BEST treatment for facial paralysis and is used in hospitals and clinic extensively throughout Asia. Many conventional medical practitioners in the United States are not familiar with this widely practiced treatment for this condition. Monte Sano Acupuncture and Herbs clinic doctor is trained extensively in treating this condition and has worked in Chinese hospital wards treating over one hundred patients with this condition during his clinic training and he has treated numerous patients in the U.S. as well.

Treating Endometriosis with Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

The Monte Sano Acupuncture & Herb clinic specializes in the treatment of Women's Health issues including endometriosis. Our clinic's approach to care is holistic and comprehensive and includes the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary therapy.

Traditional Fire Cupping Helps Heal Pain and More

Traditional Chinese Medicine Fire Cupping is a very effective therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, hip and more. . .It is even helpful int he treatment of asthma and allergies too. This therapy is often including as part of an acupuncture or bodywork session to provide added healing benefits.

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